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  • Metal Stud Framing


    Strong, durable and lightweight, cold-formed steel has become the preferred framing material in a wide range of applications. There are many superior qualities that steel framing has to offers. We are dimensionally stable unlike lumber, which naturally expands and contracts with seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. They won’t warp, sag, twist or split. Choosing Metal Stud framing can greatly reduce callbacks for drywall pops, floor squeaks and settling issues.

    Stockham Construction, Inc. specializes in commercial, industrial and institutional projects ranging from corporations, medical office buildings, restaurants, dormitories, schools, senior living facilities, condominiums, grocery stores, retail, municipalities, government projects, and churches.

    We understand the clear importance of meeting deadlines. Each job is managed by a highly skilled project manager that is the liaison between Metro Walls and our customer. They are responsible for scheduling, attending on-site construction meetings, managing the budget and the overall outcome of the project.

    • Clean and modern architecture
    • Eco friendly materials
    • Idea to final solution